Reasons That A Mother Might Give Up Their Baby For Adoption

Deciding to give your baby up for adoption is an extremely difficult decision that some mothers must face. There are lots of variables in life, and sometimes moms face circumstances that would make raising their baby very difficult for them to do—or even impossible.

Common reasons:

Age - If someone were to get pregnant at a young age, it might make sense for them to give up their child for adoption. This is especially true for young girls who are still attending school and have not fully grown up themselves. Children should not be responsible for raising other children.

Another reason a mother might consider adoption for their baby is if they got pregnant at an older age. Getting pregnant later in life could potentially lead to problems in the future. For example, you would be more likely to face health issues than younger moms, which is tough when you're trying to raise a child. 

Financial issues - It costs a lot of money to support a child in this world. Living below the poverty line increases the likelihood that your child will grow up in bad living conditions and face more societal obstacles than children who are raised in financially-secure environments. A mother who is dealing with financial issues may decide that adoption is a better option for their baby than growing up in poverty.

Lack of support - Some mothers don't have friends or family members who are willing, or able, to assist them with raising their child. If the father is out of the picture, that leaves the mother to raise the child completely by herself. A mother might end up deciding that adoption would provide a better life for her baby.

Abuse - Women who live with someone who is abusive may decide that it's not worth bringing up a child in a dangerous environment. The most important thing is always the well-being of the child. Even if the mother isn't willing to get herself out of danger, she will still likely do anything to protect her baby.

Health problems - One unfortunate fact of life is that everyone deals with health problems at one point or another. If a mother is dealing with a major health issue, raising a child may be impossible. 

Some mothers consider adoption because they're struggling with mental health problems. While they're not rare, they can sometimes become severe and debilitating. If you don't have your mental health properly controlled, you won't be able to provide a healthy environment to raise your child in.

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